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All About Getting A Puppy!

During Corona times, adoptions rates have gone WAY up and it’s obvious why – there is no better friend than a pup. As a true, lifelong crazy cat lady, I can’t believe I’ve even become this psycho dog lover! Yet here I am. Our sweet Brody boy has brought us SO much joy and today was celebrate his “Gotchya Day!” Seems only appropriate to share our puppy experience with you!

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Quarantine Essentials

These are unchartered waters, and let’s be real, it is HARD staying home. Here are some essentials I’ve put together to help you survive quarantine. Everything I’m loving right now can be found here – from fitness must-haves, home items, to loungewear. Remember that it’s important to stay home and that you are not alone! We’re all in this together.

Simply click on each item in the collage you’d like to shop!

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Goals for 2020

I’m not one to usually set many real new year resolutions. I usually pick something small, like to stop swearing or to floss my teeth more (yikes!). But this go-around I’ve done some self-reflecting and I have a few that I think are great for me but also realistic and attainable! Plus, I’ve been told that if you write down your goals, you’re much more likely to achieve them. So here we go, 2020!

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I’m back!

In 2014, I started a beauty blog after many, many, months of hesitation. I was unemployed, in-between teaching jobs and needed a summer hobby. For quite a long time I shied away from the idea of creating a blog because it seemed too intimidating.  I mean, right? But I tried it for a summer and loved it! Unfortunately, life happened and I just couldn’t keep up.

Now, five years later, I have finally finished my second round of grad school, life has calmed down, and I miss having my blog as a creative outlet! So here we are, round two with a fresh start.