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Tips, Tricks, & Favs for an At-Home Manicure

These are trying times, and not only do my roots show it (lookin’ like Shakira circa ‘2005 over here) – but so do my nails! I’ve been really loving gel manicures lately, but since I can’t get to the salon, I’ve been painting my own nails with regular polish. Thought I’d share all the tools I use along with my favorite polish to use at home!

Favorite Toxin-Free Polish

My faaaaaaaavorite regular nail polish to use at home or the salon is Zoya. They are free of the 10 big toxins that are found in other brands, making it much healthier for your nails. I originally found this brand because I typically have peel-y, damaged nails that break often and easily when I’m not using gels. After trying various nail growth systems, polishes, and even biotin – this polish truly helped me develop stronger, prettier nails! I can’t say enough about it. I love it so much that when I do want to use my favorite Essie & OPI shades, I make sure to at least still use Zoya’s base coat & top coat. Also linking some Zoya dupes for my fav Essie/OPI colors below!

My favorite color is Sabrina, which is a pretty translucent white/pink nude color similar to Essie’s Ballet Slippers, Angel Food, or Mademoiselle, but BETTER. Unfortunately, it seems to be sold out or MIA at a lot of stores, but I was able to find it here for you!

I also loooove this Zoya dupe for OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, as well as this deep, oxblood red shade, similar to Essie’s Wicked and this Zoya dupe for Essie’s Smokin’ Hot. My whole gang!

Manicure Tools

Before you polish, be sure to prep! It makes all the difference between looking like you went to the salon vs. having your husband or child paint ’em for you. Personally, besides filing, I think having a good cuticle pusher is most important. I use mine to push back my cuticles and make sure to only cut the hang nails using a high-quality cuticle trimmer like this one. I also like to use this cuticle oil beforehand.

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