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My New Favorite Hair Care Line

The world has come a looooong way from Herbal Essences and thank goodness! For a while, I tried some heat protectant creams and color protecting shampoos, but really wasn’t sure if they made a difference. No offense to Old Jenna, but if I can’t see a difference…that probably means it’s NOT DOING ANYTHING. Thankfully, I’m beyond that now and have found some products that have truly worked for me and with which I’ve actually seen and felt a huge difference since using!

After seeing this hair care line online, Instagram, and in the salon, I was intrigued, but skeptical as always. I figured it was just another product people used because it was “trending” and assumed it was like all the rest – useless but smelled good. I’ve never been more wrong, folks. This product line actually repairs, strengthens, and smooths your hair.

I’ve now tried 5 out of 6 of their products and have fallen completely in love with 4 out of the 5 that I’ve tried! I’m going to go over each in the order that you’re suppose to use them. However, I will preface this by saying if you look into getting ANY of these products, it’s the oil (last on the list) that is my absolute favorite.

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The Treatment

Olaplex’s No. 3 Hair Perfecter is a treatment that you use before shampooing. Since you’re suppose to put it (generously) onto damp/towel-dried hair, I usually jump in the shower, wet my hair, rub my towel over it, and then apply it from root to tip. Then, let it sit for 10 mins. I use this time to put my PJs or a robe back on and hang out, check email, make a phone call, etc. Also, although it says to do this 2-3 times per week, I find myself only doing it once per week, or once every other week because my hair isn’t in horrible, dried-out shape. However, if you feel like your hair needs it more often than mine, by all means go for it! This treatment truly works and you will instantly feel the difference. As soon as I jump back into the shower to rinse it off, I feel like I’ve stolen somebody’s silky smooth mane for mine.

The Shampoo & Conditioner

Olaplex’s shampoo and conditioner smell SO wonderful. But good smells aside, this shampoo lathers so well that it only takes a little bit to feel squeaky clean! Same goes for the conditioner. A little bit goes a long way – I would say I use about a quarter-sized amount of each, give or take. When using the conditioner, I only apply to the bottom half of my hair/ends, rather than my roots, so that my hair doesn’t feel weighed down. This is a rule you should follow regardless of what brand you use! After applying, I let it sit for about 3 minutes. When it’s time to rinse, my hair feels completely different. No knots, no tangles, just totally smooth, healthy hair.

The Styling Creme

I tried this styling creme the first time I purchased from this product line, but wound up returning it. Not to say it wasn’t awesome – it just wasn’t right for me! It’s a leave-in styling cream that’s meant to eliminate frizz for up to 72 hours, which is unreal! If frizz is your main problem – and I don’t mean the little bit of frizz that all the straight/wavey-hair girls get, I mean if you have coarser hair, then this product is for you! For me, it just weighed me down and took away my volume. If volume isn’t your issue, then I’d stay away.

The Oil

My FAVORITE product from this hair care line is the oil. They say good things come in small packages and I’m pretty sure that this product is the reason behind that famous phrase. It is the REAL DEAL. If you only get one take away from this post, let it be this oil.

After I towel-dry my hair, right before I dry it, I use about 6 “shakes” of this oil in my palm, rub it between my hands, and comb it through my hair using my fingers, concentrating it at the ends. I stay away from my roots so as not to remove any volume. The feeling of my hair after using this stuff is UNREAL. Smooth, silky, not at all greasy. And the product isn’t even traceable in my hair! I don’t feel a thing, unlike other creams, lotions, and potions I’ve tried in the past. It just feels like my hair is naturally this perfect.

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