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November Bestsellers

Check out all of my top-selling items for the month of November!

Clothing Top 10

This leopard sweater is easily my #1 top-selling item – and for very good reason! It’s cute, cozy, trendy, and very reasonably priced under $50! And this wubby vest is a close 2nd. So incredibly soft and it pulls together the whole outfit, taking a simple, casual look up just a knotch.

This sweater dress is just so perfect for the holidays. Point. Blank. It is hands-down the best sweater dress I’ve ever found. I’ve even taken to calling it the sisterhood of the traveling dress because it literally works on every body type! And this wubby pullover…the SOFTEST thing in the universe. WARNING: Expect lots of hugs and snuggles from others.

This oversized tunic sweater comes in soooo many cute colors and I LOVE how it’s long enough to cover my bum when I wear it with leggings. I’ve also seen people wear it as a sweater dress and I’m so tempted to try! Also, my ripped jeans are by far the BEST pair of distressed denim I’ve ever owned. I love the high-rise and this light, worn wash. UGH. LOVE. Another plus – I’m super short and I even love the way they look when I cuff them! OBSESSED.

This oversized turtleneck and rust color sweater are staples in my fall/winter wardrobe. If you see me on any given day, it’s likely I’m wearing one of these two cozies! Love them both with leggings too for a cool athliesure look. Oh….and I bought them both in multiple colors – if that’s any indication of how much I love them!

This white Amazon sweater is so simple, yet so versatile. I love how you can wear it normally or pull it down a tad for an off-the-shoulder look! Oh, and it’s UNDER $25…so there’s that. Last but certainly not least, this jacket. I’ve been wearing this baby for years and every year I get so excited to wear it once the weather starts cooling down. It’s such a show stopper, but it’s so functional too and actually keeps me SO warm that I even wear it in the freezing cold, snowy weather we get here in CT.

Accessories Top 3

Never have I ever found a more versatile pair of booties. I’ve never actually owned a pointy-toed shoe before, so I was hesitant when I got these. Needless to say, I wore them nearly every single day alllllll Sept, Oct, Nov, and plan to do the same in December!

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This wrap bracelet is my go-to bracelet! It is most definitely my most-worn and I have it in TONS of colors (more than I’d like to admit) because it’s just THAT good.

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I always get so many questions about my earrings! Truthfully, I’m really not one to wear dangling, statement earrings but these are just too special. They take any outfit to the next level and just go with absolutely everything! I also love that they’re not heavy so they never bug me! (And I’m sensitive to that.)

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