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My Top 5 Free People Sweaters

I need another sweater like I need a hole in my head. But Free People is one of those brands that hits the nail on the head with their sweaters every. TIME. It’s almost become a problem for me because I find myself unable to resist them, even when I’m trying to save for Christmas shopping! So I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 favs, in no particular order!

This turtleneck sweater actually came out last year and did SO well that they brought them back for another year! If having the same sweater in two different colors isn’t proof enough how much I adore this, I will tell you. It is super soft, super cozy, and covers your bum so you can wear it with leggings. Every time I’m too cold and lazy in the fall or winter to think about an outfit, I throw on this turtleneck and leggings because it feels like I’m wearing jammies but looks super put together. The ultimate win when you just wanna hibernate but…adulting.

This cozy piece of heaven is new this year and I am OBSESSED. I know I’ve said before that I don’t play favorites but…if I did…this is IT. It’s just so dreamy and I love the balloon sleeves, which are a huge trend right now. Such a great modern twist on the oversized sweater look, setting it apart from the others. This one is definitely going to be a weekly repeat offender for SURE. Pictures don’t do it justice. It is FAB – and effortless. Can’t wait to mix/match it with some scarves!

This chunky knit is sooo versatile! And, being 5’1″, it’s refreshing to find a chunky knitted sweater that I don’t swim in. Typically, thick knits are big and baggy and hit/miss with my body type, but this one just works! Fitted enough that it doesn’t swallow me hole, but lose enough that I still get that relaxed fit I love so much. Every time I go to grab this sweater I think of another way to wear it – white denim, ripped denim, cords, skirts. UGH! And while I love to buy everything neutral, they have a whole bunch of colors including a great rusty pumpkin color! (On my list for Santa.)

Another comeback from last year! This sweater was one of their topsellers last year and for good reason. It’s so different from anything else out there but yet so so simple. The colors are what really blow me away – like this hot pink! I typically gravitate toward neutrals but this one made me swoon. Even this black-white-gray-and-maybe-navy-sometimes girl couldn’t resist!

But yeah, I also got it in white. Nobody is surprised. Love them BOTH.

Ahhhh my happy place. Off-white, oversized. Just gimme some shearling and wrap me in a blanket. Comfort is super important to me as a teacher who runs around with littles all day, so pieces like this truly were made for me. I can totally see myself on snow days, or days that should have been snow days, throwing this on and loving life. Whoever figured out how to make oversized so fashionable deserves a million dollars. And a HUGE hug.

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