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My Favorite Mascara & Lash Primer Combo

Finding the perfect mascara is no simple task. We’re talking years in the making, endless try-ons, various drugstore vs. expensive brand comparisons, and countless techniques tested. But guess what folks. I FINALLY DID IT.

I have found the answer to my prayers and I’d be selfish not to share it with the world. So here I go to spread the gospel…and no. You don’t need an eyelash curler. Or a lash perm. Or lash extensions.

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All you need to achieve dramatic, full lashes is two products:

undefined Lancome CILS Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

This primer is pure magic. It’s how you can get volume AND length that every other product promises but never quite delivers. Here’s how it works…Simply apply it before mascara – but make sure it’s right before. Don’t let it sit for more than a minute or so and get too dry. I find it works best when it’s still just slightly damp before loading on your mascara. Also, I find it sometimes doesn’t stick to the wand and instead accumulates a lot at the tip of the wand versus the bristles. I use this to my advantage! First, I start to put it on just as I would apply regular mascara, and then I use the tip of it where the product it sitting to get more of it on to my lashes, and brush through once more. It sounds like a lot because I ramble, but it only takes a minute. Load it on until you look like an ice queen and get ready to be amazed after this next step…

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

This mascara is the REAL DEAL people. I’ve tried a few other mascaras combined with the primer, including Too Faced Better than Sex and YSL The Shock, and this one blows them both out of the water. It lengthens, it thickens, lasts all day, and it NEVER clumps on me. EVER. The best part about it, in my opinion, is that it glides on. Literally glides on so so smoothly! I love to do each eye and then go over each once more with a second coat. I’ve found that most mascaras tend to clump or are difficult to layer multiple coats but this one is great for layering! I love how I can build up the volume or leave it be when needed depending on my mood and it just never ever clumps or disappoints. The tube also lasts such a long time before running out of product or getting dried out/clumpy/too thick – all those issues typical of other mascaras. Which is great, because I really use so much of it, being the mascara junkie that I am.

QUICK TIP: If you’re like me and love to load on the mascara so much that it gets on your lids, just use a dry Q-tip and it will rub right off! Don’t wet it first and I promise it will come right off like chalk.

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