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How I Curl My Hair

I’m a HUGE fan of doing my own hair because I like to be in control…and I’m cheap. If you’re a fly girl, get your hair did. (See? Missy Elliot knows.)

People are often intimidated by curling irons and I totally get it. It’s this tool that get super hot (we’ve all burned ourselves, myself included) and, if done incorrectly, can leave you with horrible creases or looking like George Washington. Either outcome would be just terrible. But that’s why you have me! Here are my 5 simple tips to get a perfect curl or wave:

  1. Curl AWAY from your face! This is listed first for a reason. To achieve this, make sure the clamp is facing outward, so you can see it in the mirror. If using a wand without a clamp, you’ll know your facing away if the piece of your hair is in FRONT of your wand to start. This is crucial for the sections in front by your face. I actually like to alternate directions beyond the front sections of my hair to create more dimension and mimic natural waves/curls. But for the front…curl AWAY from your face. Otherwise…George Washington.
  2. Place the iron in the MIDDLE of your hair to start each curl. Do NOT begin curling at the end of your hair. Otherwise, you will probably just get a flip at the end or a curl that won’t last. Yuck! Start in the middle of your hair and keep turning, loosening the clamp to allow it to gradually include more and more in the clamp, then hold for 10 seconds.
  3. For a less polished look and more of a wave, leave out the last 1-2 inches of your hair so the bottoms are kind of straight-ish. This is my personal preference, although not everybody’s! I like a more un-done, natural look, but if you prefer a polished curl, go ahead and include the ends! Either is gorgeous.
  4. Your curling iron matters. If your curling iron/wand is rusty, throw it away. If it doesn’t get super hot, what is it really doing? Invest in a good curling iron that will cause the least amount of damage possible while applying crazy amounts of heat to it. The best iron I’ve found – and I’ve tried them all – is the T3 curling iron. It’s so smooth, doesn’t get rusty, and most importantly gets super hot to provide a long lasting curl.
  5. Use an effective hairspray. My hands down favorite hairspray is Redken 12 Fashion Work Spray. I’m super picky about smells and happen to despise the smell of hairspray…However, this one I can not only stand, but actually like the smell of it. It also gives me the strongest hold without giving me that crunchy curl – it’s 2019, we’re beyond that life!

Also, to be honest, I only wash my hair 2-3 times per week so I’m able to keep it looking wavy and curled most days, just touching it up when necessary. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! You’ve got this, girl!

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