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Bite Lip Lab Experience

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who have 1 lipstick and people who have 50. I am the latter and fully admit that I, Jenna, have a problem. While I would normally say here that the first step is admittance, truth be told, I have no intention of seeking recovery. Now that that’s out there, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I had an AMAZING experience making my own custom lipstick at the Bite Lip Lab in NYC.

My friend, Jess, who knows me all too well set up an appointment for us just as something fun to do when I went to visit her because…she gets me.

The girl who worked with us, Christina, was pretty much a lipstick angel sent from above. She started out by having us exfoliated our lips, then had us apply an oil to moisturize them. She then simply asked what type of colors we were each aiming for (nude, pink, red, every day, out of the ordinary, etc.). As creatures of habit, we both went in a nude, “our-lips-but-better” direction. We were also given the choice of going with a more sheer formula vs totally opaque. True to form, we both ask for the more sheer option. Christina the Lipstick Angel then started mixing a swatch of color on a palette. Honestly, she nailed mine the first time and Jess’s the second!

We were honestly so shocked – in a good way – that she was able to make our perfect shades so quickly and truly right off the bat! So much so, that while we knew which colors we wanted, we had her make other shades for us anyway just for fun. She graciously whipped up a berry color for Jess and a true red shade for me, per our requests.

Let’s be real, I would probably never wear a red lip because it’s so out of my comfort zone. But if I ever did – this would be IT. What do you think?

Once we finalized which shade we wanted, she prepped the formula/color combo, poured it in a machine that melted it down and mix it, and then poured it into a mold and let it chill.

For the grand finale…they engraved the tube with a name of our choice! (Within 7 characters, of course.)

This was such a cool experience and I definitely want to go back again! I’m kind of wishing I could have a 2nd bachelorette, or plan somebody else’s bachelorette because this would be such a fun thing to do! Not only can you make your own personal appointment like we did, but they also offer private events. Could you imagine anything better than lipstick making with a cocktail? Next level, for sure!

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