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Favorite Fall Shoe Finds

grey booties, leopard loafers, similar peep-toe booties, spotted leopard mule (similar, solid version)

LDW is just about finished and I could NOT be more excited for Fall fashion to be socially acceptable! This up and down weather can be SO tricky, so I’ve rounded up my favorite fall shoe finds…

These grey booties (above) are not only cute and comfortable, but also…WATER-PROOF. So you don’t have to freak out about rain ruining your boots like when you wear regular leather or suede. And can we talk about this heel height?! SO perfect for work, every day, or a night out. Can’t wait to wear them with white denim (yes, I’m breaking the no white after LDW rule – sorry not sorry).

My favorite new leopard loafers…oh boy. I honestly thought they’d give me old man vibes but WHOA was I wrong. Truly thought these would be a miss but OMG are they a hit. And soooo comfortable. Can’t wait to wear these bad boys! Oh, and they’re currently 30% at Nordstrom. (NOTE: Order 1/2 size down.)

The peep-toe booties shown above are last year’s, but Vince Camuto did NOT leave us hanging this year. They came out with very similar peep-toe booties that are just as cool, just as versatile, and I know I’ll continue to live in these again this year. My old version are actually a little higher I think, so I may be purchasing the new version anyway.

These spotted leopard mules are currently sold out in this print, but they still have the solid colors in stock and on sale! (Other similar leopard mules linked here!) I originally tried ordering them during the Nordstrom Sale, but they sold out too quickly! However, I kept trolling them and sure enough they came back in stock – so keep an eye out! When I put these on, even Alex thought they were cool. I was totally expecting a typical, “Those are…interesting…” from him, but even hubby approved! (NOTE: Order 1/2 size up.) Also, VERY similar spotted mules here!

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