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Blender Bombs

If you watch Southern Charm on Bravo, then you know that Naomi Olindo knows her stuff. This girl looks incredible at all times, and I am majorly girl crushing on her lately! How in the world do I look like that? Sign me up.

Lucky for me – and now for all of you – she recently posted on her Instagram stories one of her secrets for getting in such great shape. And the secret…is TERRIFIC. In addition to working out regularly, she uses these little smoothie boosters made with real, clean ingredients called Blender Bombs, by Charleston’s local smoothie place, Hush Up & Hustle. Their mantra is sticking to an 80-20 plant-based diet and using one Blender Bomb smoothie as a meal replacement daily. Naomi, and now I (because I’m a shameless follower), are doing intermittent fasting where we only eat between noon & 8pm and break our fast with a Blender Bomb smoothie for lunch at least 5 days out of the week. After that, she says she will have a snack if she’s hungry (my go-to has been a small bowl of granola, almond milk, and blueberries) and then dinner before 8pm.

My take on it:

I have a slew of stomach problems, including acid reflux and IBS. So if you don’t know, now ya know.

While there are several tricks and remedies I’ve learned to combat these issues that I’ll discuss another time, I would be lying if I said Blender Bombs didn’t help. Rather than drinking a protein shake, the whole idea of BBs is that they don’t have all those horrible refined ingredients that are found in most protein concoctions. Also, they are actually filling! And SO FREAKING DELICIOUS. I genuinely CRAVE and look forward to breaking my fast every day with a BB smoothie. If I have anything else, then I truly just don’t feel right. Check out their website for recipes, bombs, granola, and more!

Have I been sticking to the 80-20 diet? Not really…not yet! But I’m on my way to a healthy gut, I feel GREAT, lost a couple lbs, and let’s be real..they’re just so addicting. It’s working for me and I LOVE them!

My hands-down favorite BB: Coffee, Almond Butter, & Cacao

The BEST recipe I’ve tried so far: Chocolate Cravings Smoothie (w/ Coffee)

*Note: If you don’t have their Bomb Butter, no problem. It still tastes DELICIOUS without! Don’t worry, I use a caffeine-free cold brew I found at Fairway to mix in for this smoothie (shared above) so I don’t give myself anymore issues. Also, I use a Vitmix blender, but any blender will do! If using a Magic Bullet, you may just have to scale down on the ice to make it fit in the cup.

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