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Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Self-Tanning Mousse

Old lady at CVS talking the ears off of the store employee about self-tanner.

Me:  Excuse me…are you talking about self-tanner?

Lady:  Yes, I am!

Me:  You need to go online and buy Loving Tan.  And you need to properly moisturize so it lasts longer and you don’t flake.  It’s the best and you just need to trust me.  I know.

Lady:  I NEED TO WRITE THIS DOWN.  Does anyone have a pen???  Thank you!

Sometimes we all feel like the old lady at CVS whom I rescued last weekend (true story).  And now I will rescue you, too.  Finding the perfect self-tanner has been one of those tasks I’ve been working on since high school.  I’ve tried everything under the sun (!) from drugstore brands, to towels, lotions, sprays, and finally mousses.  My findings…

The Runner-Up:

The Winner:

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