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Dip Powder Gel Manicures

Let me first say that I have TERRIBLE nails. They’re weak, peely, just a wreck in general and believe me, I’ve tried it all: biotin, collagen, and even a polish free of the big toxins. These were great, and I will most definitely post about them! But recently I’ve decided to stop fussing over my chipped nails that were constantly peeling and take the plunge into dip powder! I know they’re probably terrible for me, but I’ve heard that between dip powder and UV gels, it’s the better out of the two. Also, if my nails are going to be a disaster anyway, they may as well look good on the outside! Am I right?

Here are my go-to favorite brands & colors I love so far:

Nugenesis NU 94 Cotton White

Kiara Sky – The Simple Life

Pros: Never get a chip! It always looks absolutely perfect. I’ve seen people with nails that look like there’s a bubble of gel polish on top…this is NOT a good look, and definitely not normal. If done correctly, they should look just like polish on your nail. Another pro is that dip powder manicures don’t require any UV light, which can be very damaging to your skin. It also actually adheres to my nail, which is a big deal because other gel manicures peeled right off my nail the very next day! Also, my nails GREW! I’ve never had long nails before, but because the powder gel is so tough, my nails didn’t break. I’m AMAZED.

Cons: You still have to soak your nails to remove the powder and they have to file the top of your nail so that it’s smooth and the color goes on evenly. I’ve yet to find a salon that won’t do this, but for now I’m dealing with it. Also, the first time I got a dip powder mani, my nails were so short that it was hard to seal the ends of my nail with the color, causing the polish to chip off. I trusted the nail technician, who assured me that when I came back in 2 weeks my nails would be longer and they wouldn’t chip because he’d be able to seal the edges. I have to say…he was right! They were totally fine once my nails were longer and the edge grew beyond my finger. Lastly, it’s pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion.

NOTE: My nail technician always does 3 coats of color and then files down the top of my nail to buff it out. This buffing process is KEY because if they’re doing it correctly, they should buff down the gel so that it lays flat, mimicking the shape of you nail rather than creating what looks like a bubble of color sitting on top.

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